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The Foundation was founded in 2015 together with those specialists who have taken active part in youth affairs for years. Our goal was to create a new organization, which can directly help the community, especially young people. The main goal of the foundation is to equip the youth with special knowledge and skills that can help them fit in any community, and predispose them to care about problems in our society, and motivates them to be active citizens. We deliver these goals by organizing talent development programs and trainings.

We define our activities along three guidelines:

Education in human rights: Our goal is to make phrases like tolerance, democracy, equality of opportunity etc. the norms. We are committed to help creating a society wherein every member of the community understands, respects and protects human rights.

Active citizenship: These days the passivity and the lack of active participation from the youth are huge problems. We believe that the young generation must have a voice, they must be active in shaping our democracy, and they must be part of the decision-making. We hope to achieve this by setting up regular conversations with decision-makers. Our programs help and support active participation. 

Improvement by games: In today’s modern world the youth can take in knowledge and skills in a way that is fascinating and exciting at the same time. That’s why we are engaged in this topic: we use tools that are interesting for the younger generation. We use both offline and online games as part of implementing our goals.

Website: www.tudatosifjusag.hu

Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fontetais  a non-formal education organization providing learning opportunities to the people in our area (adults and children).

We have several activities and promote also mobility programmes. Our main areas of interest are focused on Human Rights, Intercultural Learning, Life-long learning and promotion of participation and citizenship. Our organization is focused at intercultural learning and active citizenship and in the last years gamification and the development opportunities of youth centers. The members of our organizations are young people aged 16-35 years old, willing to make an impact in our society by being active citizens

Website: http://www.amics.eu/

Non-Formal Education center established by active youth workers and trainers in Ankara. by becoming a legal entity in 2012, our association has started to its studies and projects with its dynamic and young team. Our newly established association, its members, administrative body and consultative body have generous experiences by participating youth projects from all over the world. Our team’s main objective is to share their experiences with youth people.

Main purpose of the Non-formal Education Center association is to thrive and to increase the abilities/skills of youth people by using peer method on youth volunteers. Mission of the Non-formal Education Center is the active citizenship of the youth people therefore our association opened up its doors to all participants from all over the world. Our organization has been accredited as Eurodesk Contact Point by Turkish National Agency to inform young people about Youth in Action, Life Long Learning Programme opportunities and etc.

Website: http://yegitim.org.tr/