Oldal kiválasztása


We invite you to plan your days, months, year ahead with us.

This handbook was designed to guide you through a playful challenge of developing a game. Exciting isn’t it?

Let me explain it how!

In its simplest form, you take an idea or a concept for a game, and you develop,
mix, produce a prototype, test, re-think, change, test, develop further, test again etc. until you have a game.

It is already a good place to start, that you have this handbook in your hands, but it’s far from the whole picture. Do not worry at all you have a full year to work on it!

How does it work?



 On these pages you will find some food for thoughts, bits of advice which might help you at that stage of your game development process. Useful informations, hints and tips, good practices and some
guidance to follow you through all the phases of game development.

Weekly planner

 Never forget to take notes! Here you will find space to collect your thoughts, learning points, discoveries, things not-to-be-forgotten and memories about the best moments of the development process. Sometimes will will
give you some inspiration and quotes to keep you on the track.

Game of the month

You are invited to design a game, but in order to design it, you need to play as well. Here are some extra games from us. But do not forget to play as
much as you can and always discover and learn new games.t.



Time after time it’s good to
stop and check the process.rack.